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    BLOG — Baby bibs

    Teething is the pits

    Teething is the pits

    Whoa it’s been a looong week!  Those teeth just seem to keep coming.  The pain, the sleeplessness, and the dribble!  It’s a tough time for you and your babe. 

    It feels like there are weeks on end when you’re dosing them up on Panadol and Nurofen and as soon as it wears off they are crying in pain (especially during the night).

    You can only imagine how rough it is on our precious little peeps.  There is so much going on in their mouth and they’ve got no idea why they feel so awful.  It’s pretty rough on us Mama’s too, the sleeplessness is always a killer but it’s awful to see your babe in pain, especially when you can’t seem to provide much relieve.  All we can really do is comfort them and help to manage the pain.

    It’s such a guessing game when they are so little as to what is really going on.  I often hear myself saying ‘I think its teeth’ but unless those telltale signs are there it’s so hard to be sure and so any irritable behaviour tends to gets blamed on the teething process.

    Tell tale signs of a teething babe: 

    • Pulling at their ear
    • Red cheeks
    • Loads of dribble
    • General irritability
    • Biting
    • Nappy rash and an upset tummy (although there is no evidence to support this but I totally noticed a link)

    Fun times! And there are 20 of the little suckers to come through!

    That first tooth usually comes through at around six months of age, but it can pop through as early as birth or as late as their first birthday. And it should all be over by the time they are 3 (that's only 2.5 years of pain - no sweat). 

    Check out the chart below to see the general order of things so you know what you’re in for:

    Source: https://www.emergencydentistsusa.com/tooth-eruption-chart/ 

    Here are some things I couldn’t live without to get through the terrible time of teething; 

      1. Panadol & Nurofen to manage the pain.
      2. For dealing with irritability and some discomfort I use Brauer Teething tonic 
      3.  Dribble bibs – to soak up all the dribble (Little Milko of course) I love that the neutral designs of our bibs work well with any outfit and they are super soft and absorbent. Check out the collection here Blue linen dribble bib4. Teething toys – check out the great range from One Chew Three (I especially love the k-Bear) 

    5. Coffee and lots of it!


     And here are two random facts I found in writing this;

    • Tooth development is hereditary, so if you got your teeth early, it's likely that your baby will, too.
    • Baby teeth are naturally whiter than permanent teeth 
    (Source: https://www.babycenter.com.au/l1052130/baby-teeth-order-of-appearance-pictures#ixzz5SHJmkJmH)


    How old was your babe when their first tooth came through and what’s your go to remedy to soothe your teething babe? 

    I'd love you to leave a comment below.

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