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    Hi!  Welcome to our store!

    I’m Amanda and these are my babies, Evie and Ollie. 

    I’m a sleep deprived mama of two living on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula, trying to do my best at juggling #allthethings.  I know you know what it’s like!

    Here’s a few fun facts about me:

    • I followed my now husband to London to give things a go after meeting him only twice (needless to say it all turned out ok in the end)
    • I’m in the movie Love Actually (you know the scene at the airport)
    • I watched the war on waste and now I feel guilty every time I put something in the bin or use a plastic straw (still haven’t converted to cloth nappies though)
    • My son Ollie was born only 8 minutes after I arrived at the hospital (phew)
    • I have the biggest sweet tooth (give me all the donuts)

    Little Milko was born when my daughter was six months old.  I found it so hard to get out of the house some days in between feeds and sleeps and nappy changes, and packing a bag to leave the house stressed me out.

    Until I realised I didn’t need to always carry a large nappy bag with everything I could possibly ever need.

    I wanted to simplify things, so I could get out of the house quick smart for that much needed caffeine fix and a bit of fresh air. 

    The Pram Bag and Nappy Change Clutch were the answer. I stopped overthinking and could just grab them and go. And if the café was packed and I couldn’t get my pram in, no sweat, I could just unclip the Pram Bag and throw it over my shoulder knowing my valuables were safe and with me while still having my hands free for my babe.  And with a nappy change clutch you can change a nappy ANYWHERE and know that your babe will be clean and comfy.

    I hope that our products make mum life easier and a little more stylish for you as they have done for me.  Thanks so much for stopping by.

    Love, Amanda xx